Making the World a Better Place

The Desire to Give Comes From Within

Unless you’re Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol, you have experienced the feeling that you get when you do good for others. And even Scrooge came around by the end of the story and became as generous as any of us. It could be as simple as holding the door for someone, paying for their meal or helping a friend move into a new home. But no matter how big or small the gift may be, it instills a feeling that swells up inside of us and makes us feel for a moment, that we became bigger than ourselves. We gave back to our fellow humans and made the world a little bit better.

Sharing is Instinctual

Our ancestors learned long ago that survival was much easier when they started sharing resources and working together. Instead of fighting each other for limited resources, they decided to take advantage of the power of cooperation and generosity. This led to being able to focus on building more durable dwellings and growing crops for food instead of hunting and gathering. Over time villages became towns, towns became cities, and cities have continued to grow into the network that we know as civilization today. But none of this would have been possible without sharing and giving. We instinctually had a drive to feel empathy for one another and to want to help each other survive and flourish. This is something that we all share within ourselves still to this day.

There’s Still a Need

Even with the incredible growth and advances we have gone through as a species, society is still far from perfect. There are still too many of us who are homeless. Too many children live day by day not knowing when they will have their next meal or have clean water that is safe to drink. Countless charities and foundations have been started to help those in need, which is a great start! But, it is still just the start, as the need for giving still exists around the world.

Questions for a Cause Creates Another Way

Questions for a Cause was created to give those foundations another way to receive donations so they could continue to help the less fortunate. Our network of industry experts are people who have offered to answer questions or provide extended consultations to share their expertise with their fees going to charity. It’s a platform to help you to learn and grow from expert advice, while doing good for charity.

Your Support

We appreciate the continued support from our experts and visitors. And next time you see someone walking through the door behind you, don’t forget to hold it for them!