Columbia hosted its 10th annual Startup Weekend by Techstars on Oct 18-20, 2019. The event is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to get together and enjoy the experience of starting a business from scratch. The first night, participants pitch their business ideas to the group. Those ideas are voted on by attendees and the top ten ideas are then chosen. Teams organically form and from there it’s a mad-dash to get as much done as possible to prove the concept before Sunday evening.

One of the ideas that rose to the top was our own idea, Questions for a Cause, which gives you the opportunity to ask industry experts and thought leaders for advice on what they’re best at, while also generating donations for their selected charities. Questions are submitted directly to one of our Experts per the expert’s selected donation rate. Experts submit answers and their charity then receives the donation rate provided by the questioneer. Other features include scheduling phone calls, extended consultations, and local Expert meetups.

The idea was met with over-whelming positive feedback and won, “Overall Best Idea Validation Award”. It’s extremely gratifying to know that we’re providing people like you with valuable insight from legitimate experts, while also creating a channel to donate to charities and give back to the world. We are here to change the world one question and answer at a time. With Questions for a Cause, answers shared = donations given.