Jacob Halls

Ask Jacob a Question $18.75 Badges Jacob Halls Founder, Craft Beverage Consultants Jacob Halls is the president of Craft Beverage Consultants Group, a company that helps to market new and existing brands, assist with locating new markets, conduct launch parties and marketing campaigns, and negotiate import and export

Diana Ratliff

Ask Diana a Question $25 Badges Diana Ratliff Marketing and Business-development Expert Experienced web design and marketing professional with a heart for small business. My goal is help business owners get more leads and sales from their web marketing, so much of what I do consists of consulting,

Brandon Banks

Ask Brandon a Question $25 Badges Brandon Banks Chief Marketing Officer, Modern Media Concepts My passion for the last 10 years has been helping small businesses reach new levels of awareness, publicity, excitement, and revenue records by educating the consuming masses of their products by using a well

Benton Berigan

Ask Benton a Question $10 Badges Benton Berigan Ph.D. Candidate, University of Missouri Benton is a research scientist with lab experience in academia and the cannabis industry. His past work includes classroom and laboratory instruction at the university-level, serving as lab director for an ISO:17025 accredited laboratory specializing

Ellis Benus

Ask Ellis a Question $10.00 Ellis Benus Developer, Floating Ax Technologies The Web Designer that Speaks Plain English and actually Answers the Phone. I live to help small businesses with their Web Presence and Digital Marketing. Proficiencies Software Development Marketing Business-Development Sales


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